Finally, puzzles that aren't flat! In fact, they're quite the opposite. They're spheres! Each Perplexus puzzle is a 3-D plastic sphere, filled with a maze-like track that appears to twist and turn in all dimensions. There are dozens of barriers to overcome, each numbered along the track. The goal is to navigate the tiny steel ball all through the puzzle from obstacle #1 to the very end. Then get ready to twist and rotate the sphere to try and complete the puzzle! Follow the numbered path, and keep trying! It'll take more than one attempt to complete this challenge, and there seem to be many dead ends. Almost every angle, side, and rotation will be needed to move the little ball to the end... maybe if you rotate it, you can make it- oops! It fell off! It's fun to play it on your own or race against a friend with another Perplexus. I must warn you, however: it's completely addicting. You'll never want to let go of it once you start.

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Item # 006891
Grades: 1-AD
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Item # 008563
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Item # 000559
Grades: 3-AD
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Grades: 3-AD
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Item # 013571
Grades: 3-AD
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Item # 040036
Grades: 3-AD
Our Price: $23.95
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