Language Tree Language DVDs for Beginners

Introduce your children to a new language via DVD with live people and colorful animated characters. Learn basic conversation and vocabulary from smiling children speaking their native language in a way that is clear and easily repeated. In the Spanish video for example, we meet Carlos and his family (along with a cute little cartoon Chihuahua named Chiquitita) as they teach you every-day phrases, colors, numbers and toys and celebrate Carlos' birthday. This DVD covers 70 phrases/words and runs 45 minutes. Sing-a-long songs reinforce vocabulary and a 12 pg booklet includes lyrics/phrases/words. Each language includes two volumes, sold separately. They are simple and charming and a nice way to test-drive a language with your young students to see if they will benefit from an actual foreign language program. Kids have been known to change their minds about such things! Now you can try out a couple of languages and see if they have an aptitude for one over another. I love the use of native speakers and no English! Let children watch them again and again and share their learning with you! ~ Sara

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Item # 063700
Grades: PK-2
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Our Price: $18.95
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