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“We’re just going to homeschool this year.” If that’s your plan, then you probably want a curriculum package that will make it easy for your student to re-enter the school system. That’s where this “standards” option comes in. When you are certain your student is covering exactly what they should this year, you can confidently embark on a homeschooling adventure. These Starter Sets provide curriculum products for the four core subjects – math, language arts, science and social studies. Providing a strong academic program for an entire 150-180 day school year with colorful and engaging components, the programs included with these Sets are aligned with state and national standards (including CCSS) for English/Language and Math. They are based on topical preferences and standards for Science and Social Studies.

Curriculum choices within each package range from workbooks with teacher editions (such as From Phonics to Reading, Go Math!) to textbook plus teacher editions (Reading Street) to blended courses that provide hardcopy text material plus online student and teacher components (myPerspectives, EnVision Math, Into Social Studies, and Science Dimensions). Some courses (From Phonics to Reading, Go Math! and Reading Street) include references to various online components that may or may not be accessible for home use but the courses can can be fully completed without any online content. Other courses (myPerspectives, EnVision Math, Into Social Studies, and Science Dimensions) are designed to take full advantage of online content. Even on these there may be a few references to online resources that are not accessible – however, these tend to be “extras” rather than necessary components. Courses include the main components needed for in-home use.

Complete information on each program is available by clicking on the links from the Package list above but here is a brief synopsis of the courses included in the various packages.

Language Arts:

  • From Phonics to Reading (K-1) – phonics-based reading and spelling along with traditional manuscript handwriting instruction and practice. Consumable student workbook; wrap-around Teacher Edition with reduced copies of student pages with answers.
  • Reading Street (2-5) – literature selections, reading skills, vocabulary, writing skills. Two hardcover student readers plus a soft cover, consumable Reader & Writer’s Notebook plus one-year digital student and teacher access.
  • myPerspectives (6-8) – robust literature-based language arts. Course components include a hardback Teacher’s Edition, two soft cover Student Books and one-year online access.


  • Go Math! (K-6) – fun, colorful, teacher-led investigative math course. Course components include a Student Edition, Teacher Edition, Planning Guide, Student/Teacher Assessment books, a bilingual write-on/wipe-off MathBoard and access to Math on the Spot videos.

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Grades: K
Retail: $421.33
Our Price: $357.95
Item # RBW1SB
Grades: 1
Retail: $442.13
Our Price: $377.25
Item # RBW2SB
Grades: 2
Retail: $481.47
Our Price: $395.25
Item # RBW3SB
Grades: 3
Retail: $502.32
Our Price: $414.75
Item # RBW4SB
Grades: 4
Retail: $502.32
Our Price: $414.75
Item # RBW5SB
Grades: 5
Retail: $511.72
Our Price: $423.50
Item # RBW6SB
Grades: 6
Retail: $605.87
Our Price: $502.50
Item # RBW7SB
Grades: 7
Retail: $551.94
Our Price: $492.25
Item # RBW8SB
Grades: 8
Retail: $551.94
Our Price: $492.25
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