Each book has over 500 writing activities that are interesting and interactive. Each page has a central explanation with a colorful graphic to help explain the concept. All around this center are colorful, perforated tickets (tabs) with writing prompts to practice this concept. Students simply tear off a tab and start writing! Great for those days when the kids can't think of what to write, or don't want to write! You could make a game of these by putting the central idea on the cover of an envelope and the tabs inside to be drawn at random. Each page has 21 tabs, so you could even use them in a classroom or for several days of practice on one concept. Use some of them as discussions starters. Oh, and the ideas are clever and fun too! In Figurative Language, students are asked to use hyperbole in a description of a favorite book character, or complete this statement to create an analogy: "Going to the dentist is like..." and explain your answer. In Literary Genres students write a short myth to explain why giraffes have a long neck, or describe Little Miss Muffet in a way that would make an actor want to play that part (drama). In Reasons for Writing, a student must tell why he would rather be one inch tall or 20 feet tall (persuasive) or inform your reader about an electronic item (expository). In Writing Starters a student might have to explain why he agrees or disagrees with the saying "Money can't buy happiness" or write a tall tale about a very tall person in a very small car. These are cute and clever without being cutesy. With a reluctant writer, it helps them produce when they are given a starting point and your eager writers will just have fun with these! ~ Sara

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