Rhetoric Companion

Rhetoric! Does the very word strike fear, confusion, or disinterest? It's really much more than "effective communication," although that would be the modern so-called equivalent. But classical rhetoric refers to thinking skills and an understanding of classical literature as much as it does to speaking skills. This course offers students the opportunity to gain a solid grasp of what rhetoric is and how to master the art. There are 31 lessons (3-7 pgs each) which teach each aspect of classical rhetoric, giving examples and providing diagnostic questions. Sidebar quotes from classical works on rhetoric illustrate and augment the lesson. Passages from these classical works are listed as suggested reading assignments. A writing exercise and review questions conclude each lesson. Two questions permeate all of the lessons: 1) How does classical rhetoric intersect with Christian faith? 2) What does classical rhetoric mean in the modern world? Students can use this book in two ways - either as a stand alone course used over one semester or as a companion to historic rhetoric texts for a full year's course. This course will especially be appreciated by students pursuing a Classical Education or, maybe more so, by ones who did not. I would recommend using this before your first college-level course. 157 pgs. pb ~ Janice

Suggested texts:Aristotle, The Rhetoric and the Poetics of Aristotle (Loeb edition)Quintilian, Institutio Oratoria (4 Volumes) (Loeb edition)Harry Caplan, ed., Rhetorica Ad Herennium (Loeb edition)

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