Medical Investigation 101

Learn more about the human body and various health care careers through this self-pacing course that builds upon a basic anatomy. Emphasizing the medical diagnostic process from the chief complaint to the identification of possible diagnoses, students will be engaged in applying and analyzing information presented through the numerous medical investigations. The Student Reader contains the core teaching, bold vocabulary words, and black and white graphics. The Workbook includes vocabulary exercises, crossword puzzles, patient work-up pages, and an occasional hand on activity. Activities are primarily worksheets, although a student interested in the health sciences would greatly benefit from a stethoscope for performing some of the assessments.

The Workbook Teacher’s Edition summarizes the Student Reader sections and provides full size student pages with answers. Self-pacing, there are no daily lesson plans included. Worth mentioning, some graphics are a bit blurry. However, the unique opportunity to study this fascinating field outweighs the few blurry images and makes this course a worthwhile option for high schoolers. ~ Deanne

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