Foundations in Personal Finance High School (older edition)

As a mom who homeschooled my children through high school, I am frequently asked if I felt that homeschooling was the best option. Typically, as I continue dialoguing with the questioner, the real question they are asking is, "What classes did you teach them?" My answer is always the same; I sought to prepare them for their unique futures. Many feel this is a non-answer, but the reality is that all of our children will have a different path that they are called to follow. However, there was one course that both of my children were required to complete before graduation and that was a Dave Ramsey Personal Finance Course. I am thrilled that Rainbow Resource Center is now carrying this outstanding course for homeschooled teens.

Recently revised, this course goes above and beyond my greatest expectations! Combining the high energy that Dave Ramsey is well known for with the practical experiences of his team, this DVD-driven curriculum will equip your young people for financial success. After laying the personal finance foundation with units on saving and budgeting, this comprehensive course explores credit and debt, money myths, and post-high school opportunities including how to pay for higher education. Consumer awareness follows, which takes a hard look at common marketing tactics, buyer's remorse, and developing power over purchases. Bargain shopping, investing, retiring, insurance, money and relationships, careers and taxes, and giving conclude this practical, well-developed course. The course meets state benchmarks and standards if you are in a state that requires a personal finance course. Information is available at

As a parent who has used the two previous editions of this course, I was thrilled to see that it now includes instruction on the valuable skill of balancing your checking account, the importance of student budgeting, the role of money in interpersonal relationships, career planning, resumes, interview basics, a summary of income and taxes, and the importance of giving your time, money, and talents to help others.

The Homeschool Kit includes one DVD set and one student workbook. The DVD set contains five instructional DVDs along with a 160-page digital Teacher's Guide on CD-ROM. The PDF teacher's guide includes case studies, various activity ideas, and tests. Most of the activities provided are tailored for individual students. The teaching helps and information provided is designed to be flexible, giving you the ability to select the options that will best meet your educational goals. The 284-page consumable workbook includes lecture outlines, motivating quotes and scripture references, tips for success, brief topical articles, key terms, quizzes, graphic organizers, and chapter reviews. The reviews contain matching, multiple choice, illustration boxes and short-answer questions. Access to online learning adds even more content to this program and provides useful finance tools, chapter activities/quizzes, and diverse articles of interest to high school students. Although the course is designed for individual homeschool use, permission is granted for homeschool groups/co-ops to use the program. Each student will need their own workbook.

This course prepares young people for their future regardless of the career path they follow. In my family, this course was "required," not only for graduation but also before they were allowed to have checking accounts and debit cards. Your young people will thank you for this course - if not today, then in the future! ~ Deanne

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