Boy's / Girl's Body Books

One of the difficult things a parent gets to tackle with their children is "the talk." These books are written to give parents talking points about their childs changing bodies and how to care for them, stress, responsibility, feelings and emotions, being safe in both the real and virtual worlds, and much more. Colorfully and humorously illustrated, these books will be a tremendous help to parents as they try to answer some of the tough questions their children ask. You can read the book together or let the child read and then discuss the topics with you. Each book is written to the specific needs of either a boy or girl, which is very helpful. Besides the textual information, the reader will find blurbs throughout that give quick tips, facts, expert advice, and comments from peers pertaining to specific topics. Lists of resources can be found at the back of the book for additional research by either the young person or the parent. 132 pgs, pb.

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Grades: 4-9
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