A Charlotte Mason Education & More Charlotte Mason Education

Catherine Levison authored these two books to help parents understand and apply the methods of Charlotte Mason in their homeschools. In her first book, Catherine gives a brief overview of Charlotte Mason and her methods. Then, subject by subject, she reveals how the method is applied in each area of learning. The final chapter deals with "The Formation of Habit." In it, she discusses the necessity of instilling proper learning habits in your children. After laying this groundwork, Catherine tackles more specific applications of the method in More Charlotte Mason Education. Especially helpful is the "Questions and Answers" chapter in which she addresses some commonly asked questions and addresses potential trouble spots. Other topics covered in the book are the application of short lessons, an explanation of "Liberal Arts", keeping a "Century Book", choosing curriculum, scheduling, teaching high school, and selecting appropriate books. Recommended books and resources are found at the end. Throughout the books, many references are made to the Original Homeschooling Series. If you are serious about pursuing the Charlotte Mason method in your homeschool, you will probably find it a wise investment to continue your research by reading through the Original series.

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