Classroom Data Tracking

Classroom Data Tracking is more classroom oriented, but would be a good tool for those who are concerned about standards. Data Tracking just means observing students and tracking their progress toward skills mastery. Data tracking allows you to see gaps that may need re-teaching and works well for targeted lesson planning. It allows parents and teachers to give more individualized instruction based on the needs of each student. There is an explanation in the front on how to use it and the different types of reproducible pages. The content is based on current state standards in the areas of math and language arts. The first part of each book is math concepts and the latter language arts. Each section begins with a skills inventory, which will show the areas that need attention. Within each section you will find record-keeping pages, lists of the standards for the grades before and after each specific grade, and a quick assessment (reproducible) page that can be used for assessing grasp of the concept. 160 pages each.

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