Personal Internet Address & Password Logbook

Forgetting passwords? They want you have a unique password for everything online these days. Keep track of them in these handy little books. They remind me of a small address book with alphabetical tabs. The books have a really nice durable cover with an interior spiral binding to lie flat when open. An elastic band closure keeps it closed in a purse or desk drawer. The covers are discreet, i.e. they are not printed with "my internet passwords." Large Print book has a plain matte black cover, measures 4x5.75" and the print is about 5mm high. There is space to note the site/login/password. Old World has a beautiful tan/brown map with metallic gold accents like a vintage globe. It also measures 4x5.75" with space for name/site address/login(username)/password/notes. The regular size print is about 3mm. Silk Road has the same details as the Old World option. The cover is a lovely peacock-inspired watercolor pattern in purples with bits of aqua and green. Very pretty! Large Format is a nice black 6.5" x 8.5" book with a lot more space for your notes. Print is about 4mm. Pocket Size is also a black book, 3x5.25". It still has plenty of space to write, but fits in your pocket! If you know someone who has transitioned to using a computer for most things, but is not quite up for using an app to keep your passwords (like my parents!), here you go! ~ Sara (ok, I want one too!)

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