Progress English Lanugage Arts

This easy-to-use course incrementally boosts reading, writing, and oral skills whether you are focusing on one topic or using it for the year. Progress ELA is a good option for a student in need of getting to their grade level. Each of 11 theme-centered units follows a pattern: from guided instruction and practice to independent practice. Using the magazine-style Worktext, students learn to read, respond to, engage with, and create, focusing on specific ELA goals (such as interpreting meaning, identifying details, etc.) in either fiction or nonfiction. Grade-level learning is bite-sized, building on and reinforcing previous skills. The required Teacher Manual uses a margin wrap-around format, with teaching tips, standards correlations, and questions at point of use. Includes rubrics and charts for grading and answers (when applicable). Note: the TM references online components that aren’t available and aren’t needed for home use. If desired, add the 4-test Progress Assessments (Grade 1-8) (see our Web site). ~ Ruth

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