Digital and Information Literacy Series

In today's world of technology with so much information at our fingertips, sometimes it's difficult to process everything. For someone just beginning to learn about computer systems and all the information that goes along with that, it can seem overwhelming at times. These books are very helpful and non-threatening, and give a thorough synopsis of the different tools available on information systems. I especially enjoyed reading "CITED! Identifying Credible Information Online", as it really helped with my daughter's research paper by giving useful and specific tips for conducting credible online research. While giving you real examples of different sites and search engines, the book is very candid about the information you're getting on the computer, and is thus great for deciding what kind of sites should be used, and for showing how to find them. Many of the books, like "CITED!", are mostly devoted to helping you become better at completing some sort of task (like finding credible information) on the computer or online. Others, however, are more concerned with the history, uses, and definition of something computer-related. For example, the book on spreadsheets equally divides its time between how to create spreadsheets and the history/uses of spreadsheets. Thus, the books overall can be said to be aimed at helping to increase computer literacy, whether it be by helping you to use the computer and internet more effectively or by giving the details about some of the tools within them. If your child is already fairly familiar with the various tasks of the computer and internet, many of these books may be mostly review. However, even if your child already knows the basics, this series of books is very informative and useful, and it does a great job of familiarizing its readers with using the computer and internet. ~ Gina/David

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