E-Z Spanish / French

These hefty workbooks are designed for anyone who is interested in reviewing, learning, or supplementing their study of a foreign language. My sample copy is the Spanish workbook. While there are tons of different exercises and activities housed in the volume, Each chapter begins with short dialogue completely in the target language, with vocabulary words listed afterwards and simple questions to help you write sentences in that language. Besides answering these questions and reading these stories, in the pages that follow students will unscramble, match pictures and words, practice verb forms, fill in the blanks, complete word searches and much more. Topics covered include nouns and different articles, various tenses, numbers, irregular verbs, prepositions, time, months, days and seasons, adjectives, adverbs, pronouns, commands, and much, much more. The dialogues are based around lots of various scenarios, and by the end of the chapter students should have so much practice with this vocabulary that they have a much better understanding of the dialogue without looking at the English words. The back of the book includes an index of vocabulary (both in Spanish-English and English-Spanish), verb reviews, and other reference pages. Lots of various workbook pages to provide you with ample practice and review. Over 400 pages, pb. Formerly

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