Single Shard Unit Guide (Concepts: Earth Cycles & Systems / Ancient Asian Cultures)

These autobiographical books by Tomie dePaola share his childhood experiences with great humor and detail. The personal memories are funny and unforgettable, even though Tomie comes from a normal family, living in a normal New England town. The text is fairly easy to read, so these beginning chapter books are great for young readers or read-alouds (average of 5 pages per chapter). In the first book, 26 Fairmont Avenue, Tomie's family builds a new house and moves out of their small apartment, Tomie attends his first day of school, the family survives the hurricane of 1938, and Tomie has a funny reaction when seeing Snow White in the theatre for the first time; 58 pages. In the second book, Here We All Are, the family continues to love their new house, a new baby is expected, and Tomie takes tap dancing lessons and tries out for the school play; 72 pages. Black and white drawings illustrate the books. Both are softcover. ~ Rachel

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