Perfect 800

Are you a high scorer on the SAT practice tests? Would you rather devote study time to the most challenging SAT questions, instead of reviewing "easy" material you're comfortable with? If you can answer "Yes" to these questions, you will appreciate the Perfect 800 series. Perfect 800 is geared to top students on either the Math or Verbal sections of the SAT. Both books zero in on the most difficult types of questions found on the test. Instead of full-length practice tests, these books provide advanced practice problems and explanations.

The Math book is divided into topics (arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and miscellaneous), with a short definition and review of many subtopics contained within each category. Each mini "lesson" is followed by a practice problem and detailed solution. Some of the topics covered in the Algebra chapter are: coefficient, polynomial, and quadratic function. Some of the Geometry chapter topics include: slope, angles, diagonals, tangents, and solid geometry. Miscellaneous topics include mean, median, mode, average, probability, and independent events. A chapter is also devoted to additional practice problems, plus a Mind Games chapter with word problems.

The Verbal book is structured a bit differently. It primarily consists of 162 daily worksheets, each based on a different vocabulary word. The top of each worksheet has an ungrammatical sentence, with the featured vocabulary word underlined. Below the sentence are boxes to write in an explanation of the error and identify the type of error. The middle of the page lists the vocabulary word in large type, surrounded by graphic organizer bubbles labeled Suffix, Root, Prefix, Definition, and What it Looks Like. Students drill and reinforce these tricky vocabulary words by filling the required information in the bubbles. Finally, the bottom of each page has an "analogous exercise", with an analogy activity based on the vocabulary word. Answers and explanations to these worksheets are located in the following chapter. Also included is a Practice Quizzes chapter, with SAT-type multiple choice vocabulary questions.

Both books include sections on test taking strategies. Free access to online practice tests is included with the purchase of each book. ~Lisa

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