Chemistry (3rd Ed.)

Newly revised for 2009, this program presents foundational ideas behind atomic structure, bonding, stoichiometry, nomenclature, kinetic theory, solutions, equilibrium, thermochemistry, acid-base chemistry, electrochemistry, organic and biochemistry, and nuclear chemistry. A new chapter on modern materials has been added, and career opportunities involving chemistry are highlighted throughout. This is a meaty, serious course, so ideally students will have had previous exposure to these concepts in an introduction to chemistry course (like Friendly Chemistry or BJUP's Physical Science). Teacher's Edition includes a reduced-size full-color student text with chapter objectives, teaching aids, and answers (thankfully, with solutions) to review questions. Improvements have been made on the lab front in this edition. Homeschool-modified labs are now included on the Teacher's CD. Lab Manuals for student and teacher are still available as supplementary items, but these assume you have access to standard lab equipment. Laboratory Manual is a compilation of experiments to demonstrate concepts presented in the textbook. Teacher's Edition Laboratory Manual is an overprint version of the Laboratory Manual with answers and additional information, like sources for chemicals and equipment needed.

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