Mom's Weekly Planners

Organize your family’s busy life with this hardcover, 18-month weekly planner. Covering July through the December of the following year, this 7 ¾” x 9 ¼” spiral bound book (lies flat) contains tabbed months, address pages, tear-out “To Do” lists, a vinyl page for business cards, and a collection pocket built into the back cover. An elastic band around the outside holds it all together. Each spread covers a week, with scheduling blocks divided into morning, afternoon, and evening (instead of specific times). There are five columns (all unlabeled except for Mom’s), making it easy to see everyone’s plans at a glance. Major holidays are listed, and thumbnail calendars of prior and subsequent months appear in the bottom right hand corner. Each tabbed month page features a monthly calendar view, with quotes about family life adorning the page. Lisa

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