LIFEPAC Parent Helps & Record Keeping Tools

Here a few simple but useful aids for those teaching with the Alpha Omega LIFEPAC curriculum. The Goal Check Records is a blue and white 8" x 11" checklist pad (50 pgs) that is divided into sections for each day of the week and provides space for recording goals for each subject area; this makes it easier to set goals for the week, record your students' progress, and locate missing assignments or problem areas. The Lifepac Study Guide is also a 50 pg checklist pad, useful for determining target dates and goals for completing Lifepacs and for keeping track of how much of a worktext has been completed (up to 100 pgs). It has checkmark boxes for beginning the Lifepac, for each section completed, and for after the student has completed the last self test. The Parent's Cumulative File is a good way to keep track of and record important information and progress through the entire four years of high school; it is a manila file holder that contains a checklist of records to maintain, forms for medical history reports, a yearly progress report, transcript records, a high-school academic projection, and an achievement testing profile. The Student Record Book is for organizing assignments and grades for each quarter (half-semester) of work; it contains sections for recording the number of instruction days, daily assignments, test scores, and additional assignments, log sheets for tests and self tests in each Lifepac subject, and a daily log for each day of the week all in one booklet.

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