E-Blox pARTS Building Sets

Not to be confused or used with E blox Circuit Builders, these blocks are LEGO® compatible and are used to build circuits to light up your brick-building projects. Power is supplied by a battery holder for a 9V battery (not supplied). Connections to the silver-colored battery terminals are made using silver-colored blocks of various dimensions; as long as the blocks are touching horizontally or vertically, the connection is made and the circuit is complete. Other than how-to-connect instructions, you get no project directions. This is intentional, as the product developers want kids to create their own designs. In addition to the conductive parts, an assortment of non-conductive plastic parts is included, but any brick of this size is fair game. A glowing addition to any brick-building project!

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Item # 022632
Grades: 3-AD
Retail: $32.99
Our Price: $29.99
Item # 022615
Grades: 3-AD
Retail: $43.99
Our Price: $39.99
Item # 022609
Grades: 3-AD
Retail: $60.49
Our Price: $54.99
Item # 022447
Grades: 3-AD
Retail: $148.49
Our Price: $134.99
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