Careers for ____ Series

These books from McGraw Hill show students how to "turn your passion into a paycheck." Each book in the series covers a particular personality type or interest. It describes the traits different people have and then lists out different jobs that are available and career possibilities for those types of people. Further descriptions of the most common career paths are then given, with details on education needed, the practical everyday facts of what different jobs entail, personal qualifications, job availability, rewards (financial and other), and more. Stories about others succeeding and/or struggling in the different fields are included, and there are tips on how to find the job that's right for you. The information is concise but plentiful, and the books are great guides for students who know what they like, but aren't sure how to incorporate their personality and interests into a career. Each book provides jobs in several different areas, all following the same personality theme. For example, after discussing the personality traits and general types of jobs to look for, the Book Worms book has chapters on careers in libraries, book publishing, magazines and newspapers, glamour industry, education, research, government, and private sectors; different career options within these areas are discussed. All the books follow this same general format, but obviously the types of jobs differ. Each book also includes lists of other resources for students who are particularly interested in one field and want more information, as well as popular places to apply for volunteer work, internships, and jobs. If your student has no idea what they want to do for a career or what to go to college for, this series does a great job of showing the many possibilities. Each one is about 126-150 pages, softcover. ~ Rachel

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