Ready-to-Use Writing Activities

Which of the following is true? There's a confusing array of products designed to teach writing, or there's widespread uncertainty among homeschoolers about how to teach writing? If you guessed both - you'd be correct! Maybe we try to make it too complicated. This comprehensive series of writing activities should go a long way towards simplifying things. Each book provides 90 worksheet/activities (reproducible for a classroom/home) that focus on one aspect of the writing process. These are stimulating and creative exercises. For instance, the Unit 5 book includes "Crazy Quotations" - incorrectly combined quotes that need to be sorted out (and written correctly); "The Big Concert" - several representations of four combined sentences where the student is asked to select each that correctly combines the four ideas; "Why We Use the Comma" - matching a group of sentences needing a comma with a list of reasons for inserting commas. Trust me, your student will be instructed, engaged and challenged - and you'll be glad for the complete answer key in the back. Best of all? There's no prep. Each activity is ready to go with just the right amount of instruction and guided practice. Although there is a progression both within the books and through the books, the activities can be done in any order. This series could be used in a variety of ways - to supplement another writing program, to provide targeted writing practice within a writing-intensive history or literature curriculum, or as a stand-alone writing program. ~ Janice

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