Already Gone

When you look around your church, how many twenty-somethings do you see? Ken Ham and Britt Beemer try to explain here why kids are quitting the church. They offer some very thought-provoking statistics which are the result of hours and hours of research along with interviews and statements by young people. We are losing many of our children as early as the elementary school ages, and it has nothing to do with how they are schooled. Young people from public, private, and home school families are walking away from the church - Why? The explanation given in this book will surprise you. According to the authors, this epidemic is a result of a failing system within our churches causing a huge chasm between our children and church. It isn't enough to be alarmed; we have to move to action. Mr. Ham and Mr. Beemer offer suggestions on how we can make a difference and stop the spread of this epidemic. Whether you agree with the causes stated by the authors in this book, I think we would all agree that we are losing our young people to the ways of the world. As Christians we all need to help redirect our youth and rebuild the future church. This thought-provoking book is also available on an unabridged audio CD. Engagingly read by Isaac Waring and recorded on 4 CDs, the audio runs 3 hours and 26 minutes (see our website).

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