EZ Leathercraft Kits (Non-tooling)

These reasonably-priced kits allow children of all ages the opportunity to create a useable item out of real leather. The leather used in the kits is rather rough and can't be used for stamping, but can be decorated with permanent markers (like Sharpies) or acrylic paints, making them much more flexible to decorate (and more colorful in the end) than stamped leather. Each kit includes pre-cut and pre-punched leather pieces, laces and instructions. Just decorate the leather with paint or markers, then lace the pieces together and you've got your own, custom-designed leathercraft. Personally, I like the journal kit - just add paper and you've got your own lovely little book with a unique leather cover. - Jess

5 ½" x 6" fringed pouch with carry strap.

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Item # 053799
Grades: 3-AD
Retail: $22.08
Our Price: $15.50
Item # 061703
Grades: 3-AD
Retail: $7.99
Our Price: $6.95
Item # 048860
Grades: 3-AD
Retail: $11.50
Our Price: $9.50
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