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Humor and truth combine to inform and entertain. These charming books pair adorable pictures of dogs and cats with sentences (from the point of view of the dog or cat) that put attributes of children with these learning difficulties in the context of the pet's natural personality. See if you can relate to some the parallels drawn in All Dogs Have ADHD. Beginning soon after a child is born, they may not sleep much. Their first steps are an attempt to escape because the world is meant to be explored. They can be fearless and may dive into a situation without considering the consequences. A child with ADHD may often lose things, have trouble sharing, and be rougher than they intend. They have a loving nature and can be a lot of fun. They often don't sit still for long and their senses can go into overload. As they grow up, they are often willing to try new things and reach the top of their chosen field. All Cats Have Asperger's relates that the signs of Asperger's are usually picked up at a very young age: being close to those they love but not wanting to be held, being overly attached to a toy or a pet, having exceptionally good hearing and perhaps other heightened senses. As they grow a bit older, they may not be interested in things other kids like and do; they may become bullied or sad. Parents can become overly protective at this stage. Kids may do the same thing for hours and hours without getting bored. They may have advanced vocabulary but not understand simple expressions people say. They seek answers where others may not think to look and test their theories until some say they are a little genius. Do these situations ring any bells? Like any child, they need love, support, acceptance and encouragement. I would let everyone read this book: siblings, grandparents, and friends, in hope that they may understand a little better what a child with ADHD or Asperger's faces. 65 pgs, hb. ~ Sara

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