Tabletop Number Lines

Number lines offer children valuable practice to build comprehension at all ages. Young children can learn to count by 1s, 2s, 5s or 10s, or develop a greater understanding of positive and negative numbers with these useful teaching tools. Made from durable plastic, you can use it as a write-on, wipe-off surface. Explain number relationships, rounding up or down, number patterns, number bonds, and to explore positive and negative numbers. The strip with number 0-20 is about 17" long, while the larger strip is about 40" long. Also available is a blank number line for you to personalize to meet the specific needs of your students. Each number line is multi-colored, offering the numbers and number tick marks in black while the line itself alternates blue or red every 10 number places to enhance comprehension through visual discrimination. The 0-20 number line measures about 17" long, while the others are about 40" long. ~Deanne

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Grades: PK-1
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