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Dappled. Misty. Reflected. Electric. Creepy. Dull. Pearly. Mysterious. Heavenly. Dramatic. Artists communicate through the choices they make in their paintings. These words describe light. And you thought a painting of a lady on a swing was just a painting... Kids are natural artists and they love to talk about their work. These books are teaching tools to give kids the right words to use to describe their art. You see several color photos of masterful works of art, but you also get some ideas of what to ask kids about the pictures. Activity ideas are included with every technique explained. For example, in the case of Renoir's painting The Swing, there are people in a park under dappled shade. You get a simple narrative of how the Impressionists painted quickly to properly capture the light in their paintings. Then there is a caption with an activity for kids to try. This one talks about how dappled sunlight is excellent camouflage for forest creatures and asks kids to make a picture where animals with spots, stripes and patches merge with their background. The body language book focuses on determining what an artist is trying to tell us about the figures in their paintings. Kids become art detectives following a trail of clues. Facial expressions and body posture reflects the mood, inner feelings, and attitude of the subject and perhaps the artist as they painted the picture. Questions like how the subject's lives may have been encourage kids to really think about the art, not just look at it and decide if it is pretty or not. Critical thinking begins by looking further into a topic than what meets the eye. These books are a tool to encourage young thinkers and young artists. 45 pgs, pb. ~ Sara

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