Your first thoughts when you look at this will be "That is so cool!" and "How long did that take to put together?" The answers to that are "yes, it is so cool" and "surprisingly, not long at all." This ingenious track is made up of tons of click-lock track pieces (and here is the key) that come in several sections so you can quickly redesign it whenever you like. The track is flexible to allow for hills and curves wherever you want to put them and it has railings so the cars won't go flying off. If you want to take it apart to store it, just snap it into manageable-sized lengths and put it back together quickly and easily in the same way or in a whole new layout. Great fun for those indoor days! Both the X-Track and Deluxe sets include different accessories and features like bridges and switches. Both also include two battery-operated cars which take AA batteries (not included) - Megan

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Item # 050108
Grades: PK-AD
Retail: $29.99
Our Price: $24.50
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