Family Charades

Not only is the classic game of charades hilarious, but it's also a great opportunity to think on your feet and really hone those acting skills! Each of the single games below includes a deck of 60 cards, a scorepad, a timer, and an instruction booklet. The cards each feature three possible charades of varying difficulty. To play, the players divide up into teams, and on the team's turn one actor will choose one of the three charades, then try to get their teammates to guess the phrase on the card within an agreed-on time. The harder the charade, the more points you get! For charade novices, standard charade signals (such as the type of charade, how to indicate a color, or how to let your team know they are close) are included in the instructions. Family Charades features characters, phrases, actions and objects that should be familiar to most ages (ex., Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, sorting the laundry, skunk), while American Edition is packed with historic moments, famous people, landmarks, cultural icons and more (like Little House on the Prairie, Woodstock, Golden Gate Bridge, Paul Revere, Indy 500, etc.). For maximum charades fun, the Charades In-a-Box set includes six decks of cards for all different age groups: Picture (4+), Kids (7+), Family (8+), Animal Party (10+), Hollywood (12+) and Time Capsule (70's-90's, 14+)

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