Bowmar's Adventure in Music Listening

As someone who can't play a lick of music on any instrument other than a kazoo, I found this series utterly charming. I reviewed Level 1 and was impressed by the variety of music and how easily a non-musical parent could teach their children to appreciate classical pieces. The Teacher Guide has a CD in the back with 32 tracks. That's 32 weeks of lessons, which may take about half an hour each, planned for you and ready to use. Parents are guided how to present the songs and other components of the lessons like making sure the students are listening for something specific each time they hear the music. You may repeat the same song several times in doing this. In the student workbook there are movement activities like counting beats and waving your hands to the melody, and also writing activities (which are simple in Level 1.) The coloring book is rather detailed and the images go with the songs. Beginners start with an African folk song, then learn the American Shaker song "Simple Gifts", and then proceed to classical music. Classical artists include: Bartok, Bizet, Debussy, Handel, and Strauss, among others. I liked how they mix in a Latin American song and a Russian folk song with the other pieces. I think kids and parents would both enjoy this series. Parents with musical experience could add to the activities and insights, but this isn't necessary to enjoy the program. The choices were quite age appropriate at the first level, and I would expect that to continue as the series progresses. ~ Sara

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