Common Core Language Task Cards

Whether you are a fan of CCSS or not, these cards on a ring are a versatile way for your students to practice some basic language skills. Each deck includes 48 double-sided cards, two book rings and a teacher guide with answers. Cards are 3.5"x 5.5" and have two multiple-choice questions per side with a punched hole in the corner. The corresponding standard is identified next to each question. The guide gives ideas for creating classroom centers around the use of these cards. In the homeschool, I can see these being a good independent activity while a student is waiting with time for Mom or Dad, making a game of them with a sibling or even having them in the car while driving to lessons or co-op! Oh, and they are good prep for grade level testing in a fun way. Here are some sample questions:

Grade 2: Which of these words is a collective noun? A) room, B) class, C) school

Grade 3: A verse in a song or poem is called a ___. A) haiku, B) stanza, C) melody

Grade 4: I can't imagine ___ they chose to break the rules after we warned them. A) why, B) when, C) where

Grade 5: What kind of conjunction joins 2 independent clauses? A) coordinating, B) correlative, C) subordinating

Grade 6: Women's voting wasn't legal in the U.S. until 1920. Which word can replace the underlined word? A) suffering, B) suffrage, C) suffragist.

~ Sara

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