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For the love of words! Finally, a vocabulary program that makes sense for young children, having as its primary goal developing a love of words. Words that tickle your ear; that tumble off your tongue; that spark your imagination. The format is unusual and, though developed for the classroom, so very workable for the homeschool. The chunky, half-size (8.5" x 5"), spiral-bound, flip-chart book features one word per day. Each word is identified as to its part of speech and introduced via a short "word story" (which traces the interactions of various members of the Wordly family with the individual words). For instance, "one of the younger Wordly girls is so limber she can do a backbend and a back walkover." Other short sections on the word's page provide questions so you can Talk About It and various suggestions for Do-ing It or Act-ing It Out. Next Steps are designed to give the student ideas for incorporating the word into his daily language (and thus charming and astounding all those around him). Suggestions for review and assessment complete the coverage of the word. The parent book, Word of the Day (180 words), introduces words that are a little more sophisticated (peculiar); words that have interesting sounds (swish); and words with interesting parts (daydream). The Bit by Bit (56 words) volume has words with common word parts - prefixes, suffixes, and root words (i.e. aquarium, impossible). Super Duper Words (55 words) are especially long words with multiple syllables and more than ten letters (i.e. acquaintance, approximately). Synonyms (54 words) identifies synonyms for common ordinary words (i.e. stunned - surprised, consume - eat). Both a table of contents at the beginning of the book and an index in the back of the book identify the words that are covered in the volume. By the way, the volumes can be used simultaneously or sequentially. ~ Janice

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