Scripture-Based Copybooks

 Rather than writing just any old sentence, have your students practice their handwriting by copying Scripture. They will improve their handwriting and also "store up My commandments within" (Prov. 7:1). Passages are selected from the NKJV Bible. As you progress through the levels, the number of verses in each assignment increases. Each book provides enough space to copy the assignment at least twice on the same page. Copybooks use the Getty & Dubay Italic handwriting style for K through 12 and retain the Biblical tradition of writing LORD in all caps to represent God's personal name. Book 1 is in landscape format and has ¾" lines; Books 2-5 are in portrait (Book 2 lines are ½", Books 3-4 are 7/16"; Book 5 lines are ¼"). The corresponding grade level for each book is listed below. The number of lessons ranges from 32-36. Consumable; non-reproducible. Spiral bound, approx. 35 pp, sc. ~ Ruth

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Grades: 6-12
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