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As someone who loves Science and believes all children should have the opportunity to "get their hands dirty " I am not always a fan of Science videos that have the potential to take the hands-on fun out of Science--until now! Originally created to accompany Sonlight's K-4 Core curricula, this series of DVDs will engage, entertain and educate your young Science enthusiasts as a supplement to Sonlight or as a stand-alone teaching DVD. Containing numerous experiments on each DVD, children will be able to observe as well as learn how to carry out the experiment safely at home. Topically, the K DVD covers Air, Kitchen and Plant Science. Level 1 covers water, magnets, light and mirrors; more; Level 2 introduces weather, the human body and batteries; Level 3 delves deeper into botany and biology, with a focus on the wonders of nature; Level 4 takes it to the next level with light, electricity, magnets, motion and microscopes. Available individually or in a set of 5. ~ Deanne

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Item # 023517
Grades: 1
Our Price: $19.99
Item # 023524
Grades: 2
Our Price: $19.99
Item # 023563
Grades: 3
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Item # 023641
Grades: 4
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Item # 023642
Grades: K
Our Price: $19.99
Grades: K-4
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