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"A classic is something that everybody wants to have read and nobody wants to read." - Mark Twain. The author of this guide hopes to make reading the classics enjoyable for you and your students. The study guides contain background information about the author of the novel as well as wonderful vocabulary exercises and discussion questions to accompany each chapter or group of chapters from the book. The vocabulary building activities reinforce vocabulary from the book which may be unfamiliar. The comprehension questions may be answered orally or in writing. You may wish to cover the majority of them orally and choose a few for students to write about and address in more depth. In the back of each guide, there are several pages packed with "creative ideas." These ideas allow for a change of pace, and may include recipes to try, games to play, suggestions for field trips, or projects to complete. While the ideas enhance the story, they are simply provided for you to pick and choose from as desired. The pages of this book can be reproduced up to five times (without permission from the publisher), so you won't necessarily need to buy more than one guide even if using this with multiple children. Approximately 60 pgs.

The accompanying books have been carefully edited to preserve the detail from the original stories while featuring an accelerated pace (although the P & R Little Women is still quite thick at 217 pages, so don't worry about too much "editing"), updated language, and large illustrations. To use the P & R Guides, you should also buy the P & R book, as the guides correspond to these books. - Melissa

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