Tony Robinson's Weird World of Wonders

History is a tricky subject. It is often a dry series of names, places, and dates, stacked atop one another like the many dusty tomes those facts were collected from. Out of context, or even in some textbooks, all these facts can be overwhelming and downright boring. But this series aims to inject some wit and excitement into all those facts! Focusing on three major cultures, author Tony Robinson has set out to give history the makeover it so badly deserves. While not comprehensive, each book lays a basic foundation for the culture’s achievements, social structure, and “weird tidbits” which lay just beyond the scope of most courses. They aren’t laid out by chapter, but rather by subject – this allows for a rather nontraditional format, with subject snippets, info boxes, and full-page illustrations adorning each page. Apart from photographs, the books also contain humorous illustrations which both explain and gently poke fun at the discussed culture.

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