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Subtitled, Classical Rhetoric for the Christian Student. Rhetoric is the artistic tool we use in speech and writing to teach truth, to inspire and delight. This one-year, writing and speech infused course presents ancient oratory theory filtered through Christianity’s lens. During the 30 lessons, students read the textbook lesson, watch the DVD (streaming is also available from the publisher), complete workbook exercises (answers for these and exams are in the answer key), watch the application video and complete accompanying exercises. Each lesson includes Thinking Deeper questions and Reading Further suggestions. Students present 5 different speeches and other provided memorized passages and complete 9 exams. Lessons teach the 5 oratory types (introduction, narration, division, proof, refutation and conclusion), argument modes, style, memory and delivery. Also, identify fallacies, understand your audience, and build logical arguments. Lessons highlight speeches from ancient, modern or Biblical sources, with such individuals as Pres. Obama, Martin Luther King, Jr., Cicero, Patrick Henry, Christ, the prophet Nathan—and even Luke Skywalker. Some outside reading is required. Applicable to home and schools.

There are 4 required components. The Textbook contains lessons, a glossary, text of primary speeches used, and a chart of every speech in the Bible. Scriptures are taken from the NKJV, ESV and NIV (2011) (390+pgs, hc). The spiral-bound Student Workbook includes two exercises per lesson and judging sheets for self-evaluation (165+pgs). The Answer Key & Teacher Guide contains an optional 1-year and 2-year course schedule and the answers to all exercises and all the 9 exams included on duplicated student pages (214 pgs, pb). During the Video Course, the author, James Nance teaches each lesson in depth, along with a figure of speech, examples, illustrations, extra activities and demonstrations of excellent historical oratory. He also provides suggestions for completing the exercises and exam-prep videos. The Exam Pack includes review sheets for the tests, the tests, and speech judging sheets (reproducible). ~ Ruth

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