Daybooks of Critical Reading and Writing

Encourage your student to become an active, rather than a passive, reader. Teach them to get out their highlighters and pens and circle, jot, scribble, and respond as they read! That's the essence of the Daybook series. Daybook is defined as a journal or diary, and these books are, in essence, journals about literature. They encourage children to read, write, and think critically; to chew up and taste before they swallow; to jot notes and formulate responses as they read. This series from Great Source is different from anything I've seen before. They will invite students to get involved by virtue of the high-interest excerpts that are included as well as the format of the book itself. These books just cry out to be written on; if I could show you one in person, you'd see what I mean! The reading excerpt is centered on a two-page layout with writing space "around the edges." In typical Great Source fashion, the Daybooks are graphically energetic and colorful. They make me want to be a student all over again. The use of examples, models and graphic organizers are excellent! Literary selections include a wide range of articles, fiction, nonfiction, and poetry chosen from the recommendations of veteran teachers at each grade level. At every step, students are encouraged to participate via a variety of response activities. My sample is for grade 6. To give you an idea of the scope of the book, the main sections are

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