Circuit Scribe

Learn about electronics with a pen and sheet of paper? It sounds a bit like science fiction, but this unique take on circuits does just that! The core of Circuit Scribe is a non-toxic silver ink pen. Draw an "ink circuit" on a piece of paper, then snap the magnetic electronic modules (sensors, switches, transistors, and more) onto the drawing with the included magnetic sheet. Once a connection is completed & powered by the included battery, the electronics come to life. Each kit comes with a student workbook that introduces the concept, teaches the basics of electronics, and provides exercises to complete. Exercises include making touch sensors, series switches, and even creating a circuit from your signature! The unique presentation and concept is quite intuitive for youngsters just learning electronics. Replacing circuit blocks with conductive ink also de-clutters the learning area, helping students focus on specific modules & concepts.

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Item # 014140
Grades: 3-AD
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