Sensational Math Ten-Frame Math Kits

Math ten frames help students visualize math both in terms of number sense (subitizing) and in terms of addition and subtraction facts. These add in the nature-theme fun to help students move easily from counting to basic operations. There is a Ladybug and a Froggy Kit (sold separately). Each kit includes 40 double-sided problem cards (problem on front, solution on back), ten-frame leaf activity cards (ladybug kit has one card; froggies has two), manipulatives (30 ladybugs; 45 froggies) in three colors and a plastic storage and sorting tray. The Ladybug kit covers sums and differences to 10 while the Froggy kit covers sums and differences to 20. ~ Janice

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Item # 066941
Grades: K-3
Retail: $29.99
Our Price: $21.75
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