Love Handles for Cell Phones and Tablets

This simple gadget is a moms lifesaver (especially if youre a mom of little ones!). Its basically a low-profile elastic handle that attaches to the back of your phone, tablet or e-Reader, enabling you to hold it more securely with one hand (even just your pinky finger, if need be!) Basically, it is a plastic base about 2-½" long, with a ½" wide elastic band attached at both ends. Under the base is a strip of no-residue 3M adhesive. Just clean your device/case, peel off the adhesive cover, attach firmly, and youre good to go! I have one on my Galaxy® S6 case, and it not only makes this larger smartphone easy to handle one-handed, but I can hold it securely while Im holding kids, toting grocery bags, pushing a cart, etc. I personally attribute it to about a 500% decrease in drop-age! As an added bonus, it helps me hold my phone steadier for pictures. While it sounds like this adds some bulk to the back of your phone, the base and elastic together are only about 1/8" thick; my phone still goes in and out of my back pocket easily. What can I say? This Love Handle is easy to love! Jess

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Item # 009012
Grades: 7-AD
Retail: $10.00
Our Price: $5.47
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