Math-It actually consists of several different learning drill "games"- called "Addit," "Dubblit," and "Timzit" accompanied by audio CD instructions, the Math-It Guide Book and a very helpful guide entitled “How Stevie Learned His Math.” It includes the inspiring story of how the author used these same techniques to teach a young boy how to master addition and multiplication. The guides are both on CD-ROM, in .pdf format. The games use pre-punched sets of color coded cards and boards to place them on. By practicing with these (using techniques described in the book) until they are mastered (able to be easily placed in less than a minute), children learn their facts cold. The ‘extras’ in the last chapter in the book go beyond the basics, giving fourteen more useful activities and mental tricks to increase math prowess. The additional student pack contains all the cards, storage envelopes, instructions and the playing surface for Addit, Dubblit and Timzit. Helpful if your original set has seen better days and you still have children left to go through the program.

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