Spectrum Test Preparation 2015

Like the math and writing books, many changes are found in the 2015 edition designed to bring the test prep into alignment with the CCSS and to allow it to be useful for the newly designed grade level achievement tests. Even the general format of the books is changed with sections designed to prep for language arts (including writing) and math, but no longer including sections on social studies and science like the previous edition (2007). Each section (English Language Arts and Math) starts with a description of specific strategies followed by teaching/review segments. In the English Language Arts segments, reading selections give the student the opportunity to employ specific strategies while answering questions or completing writing assignments. Test Tips are sprinkled throughout these segments. The Math section is a series of exercises employing specific strategies and again, interspersed with Test Tips as the student completes problems and answers questions. At the end of each section, each strategy is again reviewed. A complete, reduced-page answer key which includes possible answers for writing assignments is provided. 128 pgs, pb. ~ Janice

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