Historical Replica Coin Sets

Do you have an aspiring coin collector in your family? Maybe you are just curious to know what coins were once in circulation around the world. The history of money is fascinating, and these historical replicas of real coins from different periods of history will give you great insight to their rich history. Each set of coins is enclosed in a cardstock display encased in protective plastic, and anywhere from four to six coins are included. Each coin is clearly labeled, and historical information regarding each coin is printed on the backside of the packaging. Each authentic-looking coin is spin cast out of lead-free pewter. Whether you are interested in coins that date back to the discovery of the Americas or even all the way back to Bible times, there is a coin set for you! - elise

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Item # 012520
Grades: 2-AD
Retail: $11.90
Our Price: $10.95
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