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There are a lot of unit studies and programs that encourage students to keep journals as a complete record of their learning. This is a terrific idea, if you have time to create a custom notebook. If you like the idea, but need a basic framework, these inexpensive little books might save you some prep time. Each My Guide is an open-ended combination activity/notebook, with pages featuring different periods or topics in that study. Each contains a table of contents with the topics included listed. For example, in the American Revolution guide, page topics included are the original 13 colonies, taxation without representation, patriots and loyalists, Paul Revere and the Minutemen, George Washington, the Continental Army, the Declaration of Independence, and much, much more. Each topic is featured on a two-page spread which contains blank space for pictures or clippings, vocabulary words, some un-boxed blank space, and a page of blank lines. My Guide to the U.S.A. is more extensive, and contains three main sections for students to detail their knowledge of different aspects of our history, regions of the U.S., and U.S. government. The My State guide contains spreads similar in content to that guide, but is geared more to younger students, feature larger lines, and concentrate on aspects of their state and community such as weather/habitat, history, places and people, and government and/or future. The Current Events guide provides a blank outline to report on interesting current events. Students will fill out a page detailing the who's, what's, and where's of the article, make an outline, and write a short article on the topic along with a picture, if they want. Each guide is 40 pages in length with the exception of The U.S.A. Guide (56 pgs). Each guide is accompanied by a small teacher's guide, which includes teaching ideas and multiple suggestions for use. Excellent for unit studies or to provide an open-ended writing component for your history curriculum. - Jess

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