My Worldwide GeoJourney

Take a journey across the world, stopping at each continent to record your discoveries there in this journal. Before you start traversing the world, three tours explore map vocabulary, the continents and oceans, and major landforms and bodies of water. Each tour begins with a labeling section in which students identify the correct features on part of a world map by writing the letter of that feature next to its name on the facing page. Students are encouraged to use the writing space provided in these tours to describe these features or explore a particular facet in depth. The tours of the individual continents follow the same format. The first page holds a blank outline map of the continent, with certain countries, bodies of water, and other features labeled by shape and letter. Students match the letters to the names of the countries, bodies of water, and features on the facing page. The second part of each continent tour offers children space to write summary paragraphs or select passages about the three aforementioned categories, along with journaling space in which to write creatively about that part of the journey. The final tours highlight world capitals and natural wonders of the world. The free teacher's guide holds tips for the teacher on preparing, guiding, concluding, and assessing the student's GeoJourney. Ideas for using the creative journaling space in each tour are provided within this outline. It also contains the answers to each tour labeling exercise as well as WorldWide GeoJourney Passports to hand out to students to track their journeys. ~ Steph

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