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These small pocket guides are convenient and easy to use. They are great forproviding trivia facts, studying for tests, preparing reports, finding quickanswers, and more. Each guide includes about 100 small-format pages about thefeatured state. Each book is broken up into seven color-coded sections. Thesesections include basic information, geography, history, people, places, nature,and miscellaneous. The basics section explores state symbols such as stateflag, bird, insect, animal, etc., and their special meanings. The geographysection locates the state on a map of the U.S., describes any rivers orlandforms, lists natural resources, lists large cities, gives stats on miles,and more. The history section gives a timeline of events in each state andgives historical information. This information includes settlement, statehood,battles, disasters, politics, and great accomplishments. The people sectionintroduces important and famous personalities that came from or affected thefeatured state. The nature section describes animals, plants, lakes, and crops.The miscellaneous section covers any leftovers such as inventions from thestates, state festivals, specialized food, and a glossary. The colorful pagesare full of photographs and illustrations.~ Rachel S.

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