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If learning Latin, Greek, or Spanish by singing songs is a good idea (and, it is!) – why not learn the Bible in the same way? Introducing young children to important content or concepts via songs, in an engaging and fun way, provides them with a good foundation for subjects that will be studied in more depth as they mature. Song School Bible is a delightful and entertaining overview of the narrative stories in the OT, covering Genesis through Malachi in 36 weekly lessons. Included are two review chapters and an end of the year review. Your young student begins the study by becoming familiar with God’s great promise: “I will be your God, and you will be My people.” This lesson, and many others that follow, will ensure that your student is well prepared to continue in the systematic and meaningful God’s Great Covenant series.

Course components are the beautifully illustrated, consumable Student Book, the Song & Chant CD, and the Teacher Edition.

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