Hands-On History Lap-Paks Gr. 3-8

  Your upper elementary and middle school lapbook fans will love these printable formats from Home School in the Woods. Known for her detailed, well-designed timeline drawings, Amy Pak applies her skill to lapbooks. Each lap-pak CD-ROM contains over 20 projects with specific directions. Images and text are included. Additionally, an in-depth, topic-focused text can be printed in two formats: for 3-ring binder or in 5.5x8.5" format (32 pp) to include in a lapbook. US Elections covers such topics as political parties, government branches, the Electoral College, and presidential campaigning, etc. Wonders of the World includes a timeline and encompasses ancient, medieval and modern wonders. Natural (such as the Grand Canyon and Northern Lights) and architectural feats (Empire State Building and the Hagia Sophia) are highlighted. Use lap paks as part of a unit study or to inspire additional study. Adobe Reader required; requires a web browser as a landing page; CD-ROM is Mac and PC compatible; audio text is MP3 format. ~ Ruth

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Grades: 3-8
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