If you've never heard of boomwhackers before, you're in for a treat. These brightly colored musical tubes have won numerous awards, are a favorite of music educators around the world, are used by professional musicians and music therapists, and frankly, are simply a lot of fun to play with. Basically, boomwhackers are just colorful plastic tubes of varying lengths, ranging from a foot to several feet. They are roughly an inch and a half wide, so they fit right in your hands. Bang the tubes against a table, floor, or any stable surface, and these percussion tubes make all the notes imaginable. Bang them together for a unique blend of notes. Different tube sets are available to cover different scales, notes, and pitches. The tubes are perfect for teaching rhythm and notation, and can even help with teambuilding and supplement physical education. An enjoyable variety of teaching resources complement the tubes, which are geared for teachers with classrooms but could be a great help to parents who are teaching music right at home. All of these teaching aids help in using the tubes to reach national standards for music education. If you're looking for a fun and interactive way to introduce your child or student to notes, scales, rhythm, melody, harmony, and music, you can't get more exciting than boomwhackers. They'll be playing them for years to come, regardless of their age or experience with other instruments. ~ Rachel

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